Kamis, 07 Maret 2013

Free CNA Classes

To carry out medical practice, every midwife and nurses must competency test that will have certification. Purpose of the certification through competency test is that the services provided by midwives and nurses, the better. As stated by the Deputy Director Imelda Hospital Walman Ritonga. We are starting free cna classes for nurses that can be a great way in entering into the medical field. Previously, the academy graduate midwifery and nursing college or graduate school one year SPK obstetrics section, just take care of the medical practice license could open without a certified practice, he said on Thursday (14/4) interrupted nursing seminar in the framework of the 28th Anniversary of Imelda General Hospital Indonesian Workers (RSUIPI).

While the Indonesian National Nurses Association Board (PPNI) of Medan, NS Hinsa Parulian Siburian SSTP skepticism, explaining certificate of competency is a letter of acknowledgment to the ability of a nurse to practice nursing in Indonesia after graduation competency tests by professional organizations through certification agency nursing profession Indonesia (LSPPI).

The registration of official record of the professional nurses who have already have certified competence and qualifications as well as certain other legally recognized profession to take action, said Hinsa. According Hinsa, by mastering a competency then someone will be able to do a task, management skills, able to do what must be done if there is something different from the original plan (contingency management skills).

Also being able to solve a problem or perform tasks with different conditions and be able to how to manage the environment and resources for the job, he said. PPNI himself, he added responsibility for the realization of the certification body. Nurse certification like online cna training body can demonstrate competency test spot at the regional or provincial level. The certification body giving effect to the certification program graduates.

Representatives from North Sumatra Health Office A.Hanif Siregar SKM, skepticism MPd explain the competency test is aimed at improving quality of care. However, mention the quality of service during this time, Hanif commented it is the policy of the center. We do not know. Implementation according to the Ministry of Health of Indonesia, he said.

North Sumatra Health Office, he added, has been proposed for the formation of MTKP but there has not been received in the form of SK MTKP issued by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Hopefully this year will be established MTKP, he concluded.

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